Welcome to this site featuring local businesses that help us celebrate our lives with food, drink, jewelry, fine clothing, styling, venues for our events and so much more.

Oldtimers and Newcomers

If you’ve lived in the area for 15 or 30 or 75 years, you already know where everything is. Except that everything keeps changing. New Horizons has a second store near the Community College, and Phoenix Bakery expanded off the main street next to New Horizons.

With so many newcomers arriving in central North Carolina weekly, they’re going to need to come up to speed on who’s who, where’s what, and how to find things fast so they can begin to feel at home in this most beautiful and creative and wonderful state of ours.

Sharing what we love

We look forward to bringing you practical and surprising, beautiful and inspiring tidbits. Is there a secret spot that only life-long residents know? Who makes rings with North Carolina gemstones? Which bakeries make a delicious gluten free cake? Are there wineries, breweries, distilleries or meaderies nearby? Who makes custom bridal gowns? Where can the bridesmaids get together for a spa event? And who makes the most beautiful wedding music with a harp, or a folk guitar, or a flute?

Good Food is at the Heart of Everything

This site is brought to you by 39 West Catering serving Pittsboro and the greater NC Triangle.